Tim Kings

Tim Kings is the co-founder of H.A.R.D. Yachts, LLC.  The inspiration for the HARD technology came from Tim’s personal experience 25 years ago building for a client- a sailing Megayacht using Kevlar and Carbon Fiber to create ballistic strength using composite materials. Over the years this yacht withstood the test of time including surviving a major grounding on rocks during a Hurricane where the hull proved tougher than an equivalent mass of steel and did not hole.

Last year Tim went to Norway to cruise above the Arctic Circle and studied the types of boats commonly found in use there.  Traveling amongst the ice floes reminded him that every measure possible must be taken to strengthen the hull against the danger of ice.

Tim is a life long yacht builder, sailboat builder, and custom yacht project manager. He started his career in the mid 1970’s at famed KIWI Boats of florida, working with many of the top designers of the day; including Evan K. Marshall, Ron Holland, Doug Peterson, and German Frers. Over the years, Kings has managed large projects at Delta Marine, Christensen Shipyard, Trinity Yachts, Windship Yachts, and Newcastle Marine. He also has managed yacht projects overseas in Mainland China and Taiwan.

Tim will be involved in every aspect of your build as the lead project manager.  His direct experience building H.A.R.D. Yachts will lead to safer voyages for you, your family and friends.

Tim is married with two adult children and two grand children.