Espinosa Yacht Design



Juan Carlos Espinosa, is a licensed, registered Architect in both the states of Florida and Illinois. He received his Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1985.

Mr. Espinosa was first exposed to the field of yacht design while employed by a Chicago firm commissioned to design what would be, in 1985, the largest aluminum mega-yacht in the United States.

When he decided to open Espinosa, Inc. in 1990, his first commission was to designed a yacht for Jim Moran, of “Gallant Lady” fame. Mr. Moran is the gentleman that had commissioned the most private yachts worldwide and always built with FEADSHIP. The Espinosa designed 130′ “Gallant Lady” motoryacht was nominated for the Superyachts Awards in 1992.

Ever since, JC, as Mr. Espinosa is known in the industry, has dedicated his efforts exclusively to the exterior and interior styling of the custom yacht and production boat industries.

The firm’s design work is published regularly by the most prominent publications in the field.